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Publish of Global Open Tender Enquiry (GTE) for Procurement of Molybdenum Tri Oxide (MoO3) as per BHEL Purchase Specification – Doc. No. : SCR-D-RM-005 Rev 01 June 2022 - Qty:8150 Kgs against Tender Ref. No.: 12303341 Dated 26.04.2023

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It is to inform you that the tender due date of submission for the subject tender is extended till 15th May 2023 ,14:00 Hrs - IST (Monday)

Corrigendum of same is uploaded in our BHEL Tender official Ste (Direct Link : https://www.bhel.com/supply- molybdenum-tri-oxide-moo3-bhel-purchase-specification-doc-no-scr-d-rm-05-rev-01-june-2022-4)

You are requested to please arrange to participate accordingly. Those who have already participated may please provide confirmation of participation mode i.e. thru hard copy or thru email.