Press Release

Press Release from Embassy of India, Kathmandu

Mar 13, 2020

Press Release from Embassy of India, Kathmandu


Revised Travel Advisory Issued

Visa Restrictions Related to COVID19


1. Keeping in view the ramifications of current global spread of COVID-19 on public health and safety, certain health safety measures are being implemented for foreign and Indian nationals entering into and exiting from India. The primary intention is to ensure the health and safety of both Indian as well as foreign nationals with bare minimum inconvenience to travel and mobility. These measures would be continuously reviewed depending on the evolving situation.


2. The current measures are solely for the purposes of managing public health and safety. These measures do not currently have any impact on normal travel of Nepalese nationals to India, either by air or by existing land routes. Existing travel arrangements for Nepalese nationals will, in other words, remain unaffected. However, there will be intensified health inspections at all entry points and any traveller, Indian, Nepalese or from third countries presenting COVID-19 symptoms or with recent travel history to one of seven COVID-19 outbreak countries (as listed in the above-mentioned circular) may possibly be subject to quarantine if so required.





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