India is a land rich in myths, legends and folklore centered on revered deities, valiant heroes and fierce demons --- all inseparable from its religious and ritual celebration, its art and literature. Each of India's myriad art forms came to life in its villages and nurtured in local context before traveling through small towns to reach the vast urban centers. This journey speaks of an awe-inspiring legacy of tradition, vivacity and synthesis. The arts thus became innate to life --- as spontaneous expressions of joy, for propitiating the gods in difficult times, in accompaniment to rites and rituals punctuating the passage of life.

India' performing and fine arts, whether tribal, folk or classical, has evolved over the time in its subtle quest for precision and as popular forms of entertainment. Each has its own story to tell of how it travelled down the ages, always seeking to dialogue with cultures beyond its own. As the art forms absorbed and integrated talents and expressions outside their own realm, transformations emerged in their rendition and depiction. While tradition allowed the precision and purity of the classical arts to flourish, their inherent openness enriched them and kept them alive.

The Consulate General of India organizes cultural programs for people in its area of jurisdiction to strengthen people to people relations. Some performances organized by the Consulate during the recent years are as follows:-

(i)Rajasthani Folk Dance at Birgunj on 28th January 2014 by "Sikandar Langa and Troupe"  (Click for photos)

(ii) Bhangra Dance led by Ajay Kumar on 21st May 2014 (Click for photos)

(iii) Manipuri Dance led by Smt. Baisali Sarkar at Chitwan on 23rd May 2014. (Click for photos)

(iv)Exhibition of Digital Prints of Paintings by Gurudev Ravindranath Tagore at Consulate Library, Birgunj on 13th June 2014 (Click for photos)

(v) Classical Guitar Programme led by Samarjit Mukherjee of Nritya Kala Mandir, Patna at Birgunj on 13th June 2014   (Click for photos)
(vi) Qawalli at Birgunj by Niazi Nizami Brothers from Delhi on 17th January, 2015   (Click for photos)   (Click for photos)
(vii) Qawalli at Janakpur, Dhanusha by Niazi Nizami Brothers from Delhi on 18th January, 2015   (Click for photos)   (Click for photos)
(viii) An evening with Hasya Kavi Surendra Sharma at Hotel Vishuwa, Birgunj on 15th August, 2015   (Click for photos)   (Click for photos)


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